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Why do I need Title Insurance?

Do I have to purchase Title Insurance?

What is the difference between owners and lenders policy?

How do I choose a title company?

How is the title company involved in my transaction?

What is the difference between owners and lenders policy?

Owners title insurance covers your interests as owner of the property, and usually insures for the amount you paid to purchase the property. Lenders title insurance covers your lender’s interests in your property, and is usually issued in an amount equal to the loan amount.

Whenever a loan is issued for the financing of a property, the lender acquires an interest in the property for as long as the loan is outstanding. While who pays for the title insurance is negotiable, in Colorado it is traditionally the seller that pays for the Owners policy (thereby assuring the buyer title is clear) and the buyer that pays for the Lenders policy (in turn assuring the lender that title is clear.)

Most title insurance companies in Colorado offer discounted rates when both policies are issued at the same time and from the same company, so it is almost always one company issuing both policies in a transaction.

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